100,000 people

I just broke 100,000 people in my gedcom! They are all relatives or relatives of relatives.

Congratulations to Annette M. Allen, born about 1855, daughter of Jeremiah L. Allen and Harriet Souder. I entered her marriage to John C. Sweetin on 20 Feb 1879 in Bridgeton, Cumberland, NJ. You are # 100,000 and no relation to me as of yet.



Battery Backup

I got a frantic call yesterday from a cousin of mine. In a nutshell, her power had gone out and it fried her motherboard on her desktop computer. Last week I showed her an ad for a battery backup powerstrip and she didn't get it. She's sorry now!

You should have a battery backup for your computer. It is a power strip that has a heavy battery in it. When the power goes off, it switches so the juice in the battery powers whatever is plugged in. It also beeps every minute in case you don't know the power has gone off (when it's really sunny during the day and you're on your computer doing genealogy). It's annoying and you an turn it off via the software that comes with it. Since the power doesn't go off too often here, I just put up with it and keep on doing my genealogy.

I plug pretty much everything into it. When the power goes off, I'm still online as my cable modem's plugged in. I've had my APC power strip since 2005 and have not had a problem.

You can also use software that comes with it to automatically shut down your computer safely if you are not home and this happens.

I believe this is on sale in store (Office Depot) for $30 this week:

What are you waiting for?



It shipped! (and Orphans Court info)

My new 500 gig HD has been shipped! I filled up my main 150 that I'd been using for a few years to store my digital genealogy. I have a 500 and a 200 for backups (Yes, I back up the backup). Since I photograph entire books, this is a necessity.

I copied Volume A of the Cumberland County Orphans Court minutes at the NJ State Archives in Trenton today. I already found the name of the son of Henry Westcott and Jane Harris who was lost at sea - Henry! Henry Sr. died in 1797 and she applied for guardianship of her three children, Henry, Charlotte, and Matilda.

I also ran across 4 pages of the division of land of my 5th great grandfather. This is pretty nice since he did not leave a will.



Couldn't resist!


Historical Accuracy

This weekend was the reenactment of the 1774 Greenwich Tea Burning in Greenwich, Cumberland, NJ.

A good friend of mine (DDB) sent me pictures.

Sometimes it's a good idea to do a little research before painting the WRONG FLAG on all of those boxes of tea from the British East India Company as well as the WRONG COMPANY NAME.

The current flag has been in use since 1801 when England and Ireland unified.

The name of the company was British East India Company (sometimes just East India Company). It was never called East India Tea Company.

You can educate yourself about the flag and about the company here.

At least 1/4 British and proud of it,


Cemetery photos

I got a letter from one of my 5th cousins last week. I printed out what notes I had on my 3th great grand uncle John and his wife Sarah. I had a note that her [spinster] sister was Mary Mateer who died in Bridgeton (no parents names listed on death certificate). I checked Mary's will and sure enough, there were 2 cousins of mine that I didn't know existed. I also found that Susan Mateer Cornwell was, in fact, her sister. I then got a copy of Susan's death certificate listing only her father James Mateer.  I checked the census and found he died between 1830 and 1850. Further digging found his wife was Susanna (Garrison) Joslin Mateer.

I photographed her tombstone in June of 2006 when I was photographing all the tombstones I could. She's buried next to her son Daniel Joslin in Friendship Finley Methodist Church in Deerfield, NJ. I don't know who her parents are as her death certificate didn't list them, but her full dates were on the stone as well as the correct spelling of Mateer.

Photograph everything you can digitally. It's cheap.




I finally found the thing I was looking for as a present for my 5th cousin in England. My great grandmother was born in England, as were all of her ancestors that I know of. I'm very excited, but it cost me 11 stamps! (4.60) to send something that was 5 oz! Insanity. It's a good thing I had 10 small 42c stamps left to fit on the envelope.

Don't forget to keep in touch with the family you find via your genealogy searches.



Not again!!

Tombstones toppled and broken

by South Jersey News Online
Monday September 15, 2008, 3:39 PM


MILLVILLE -- Vandals toppled 31 more stones in Mount Pleasant Cemetery during the weekend and broke three that probably can't be replaced, said Jim Reeves, cemetery manager.

“We thought it was 30, but we found another one this morning, “Reeves said Monday afternoon. “You can see pretty much where they either came in or ended. They went around the circle and then on from there. Some were big and some were small. Three looked like they were kicked over and snapped off. They were the old marble stones, only about an inch thick. You can't even get that kind of stone any more.”

The vandalism happened sometime between 5 p.m. Saturday and 5:42 a.m. Sunday, police said. Reeves said it likely happened when it was still daylight. The cemetery is closed from sundown to sunup and he said police patrol it.

“It was probably kids on foot. It was at least two, and maybe three,” Reeves said. “It had to be older kids to have the strength to push the stones over.”

He said this was the second time in three weeks that the cemetery has been the victim of vandalism.

“Before, there was a fire in the woods and they pushed over seven stones,” he said.


I'm trying to find out who they are to see if it's my family.



Tea Burner 5K

Down in Greenwich, Cumberland Co, NJ, they're also having a 5K race on September 27.

Go to for more info

September 27 at 8:30 am and help raise funds for the C. Wallis Goodwin Scholarship Fund and the Greenwich Fire and Rescue Squad. The run kicks off the 100th anniversary celebration of the dedication and unveiling of the Tea Burner Monument in Greenwich, NJ, which will be held on Saturday September 27 and Sunday September 28, 2008 in conjunction with the Cumberland County Historical Society's Artisans' Faire. The 5K course takes you past the Faire on historic Ye Greate Street lined by colonial homes, to Market Lane by a local marina on the Cohansey River and scenic marshland, to Pier Road with farms in view, then on to Bacons Neck Road and finally back to Ye Greate Street. With luck on the run you might even see one of the local eagles or hawks!

It's never too late to sign up!



Greenwich Tea Burners

As you all know, one of my pet peeves is the exploitation of the deceased.

This year is the 100th anniversary of the installation of the Greenwich Tea Burners Monument in Greenwich, Cumberland, NJ. You can read an article about the celebration here.

There's even a company called Greenwich Tea Burner Tea. I emailed them and asked if they donated a percentage of the sales to the Tea Burners or some sort of organization. They did not email me back.

These 24 men risked their lives and the whole town's having a big party. At least do something to benefit the men while you exploit them. They're even selling pitchers, for goodness sake!!

So I wrote into the local paper again. Should be in Thursday's edition.

I was wondering if there is a project going to obtain flag holder grave markers for the 24 Tea Burners. I know that some of the men do not even have tombstones. I do not know how much a custom flag holder would cost, but I know that a new cast iron GAR one is $20 on ebay. The flags could be renewed every December by the DAR or a similar organization. Perhaps, there could be some sort of donation at the 100th Anniversary of the Tea Burner Monument for these special holders.

I think we should do something that directly benefits the the men who risked their lives on December 22, 1774, this September. I read about all the things that were being sold such as programs, stamps, minatures, books, mugs, pitchers, and tea pots, and I was wondering what part of those proceeds go to the very people who we are remembering? For every Tea Burner, there is a cemetery plot that could always look a little nicer.



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