obituary of Ann Maria Elwell (1813-1832)

Ann Maria Elwell, daughter of John Mayhew Elwell Sr. and Rachel Brooks
10 Nov 1813 - 15 Oct 1832


The Observer, Bridgeton, NJ
Oct 20, 1832

Departed this life, on the 15th inst. Miss ANN MARIA ELWELL, daughter of John Elwell, late of Hopewell, in the 19th year of her age. In this afflicting bereavement, we behold the inscrutable dealings of Divine Providence. Maria was young, the only daughter of a fond mother, who already consigned three of her children within a short period to an early grave. In Maria she had cherished the tender hope of comfort and society in her declining years. But alas, it is a flattering delusion. The work of ruin commences; already disease riots in the blood, her nervous system stinks beneath the shock, and dissolution spreads its fatal ravages over her frame. Possessed of a constitution naturally very delicate, she falls an easy victim to the fell destroyer. During her illness she was patient, calm, resigned, and affectionate. And as the closing scene advanced, she gradually declined, yielding up her Spirit to God, without a sigh, a struggle or a groan.


Bridgeton Chronicle (Bridgeton, Cumberland, NJ)

The Bridgeton Chronicle was published from
December 23, 1837 - December 14, 1883
October 1, 1884 - 1906

Followed West Jersey Observer

Briefly became the Weekly Bridgeton Chronicle
which reverted to Bridgeton Chronicle in October 1884

The daily editions were entitled Bridgeton Daily Chronicle, Bridgeton Daily, and Morning Star.

[source: NJ State Archives, Trenton, NJ]


Rachel (Paullin) Woodruff  [1791-1871]

I've been working on my Harris line and wanted to draw attention to my cousin Rachel (Paullin) Woodruff daughter of William Paullin and Zerviah "Sophia" Harris.

Rachel Paullin married Jacob Woodruff and they moved to Ohio by 1832. She was born 16 Nov 1791 in NJ and died 6 Jun 1871 in Ohio.


When moving from New Jersey to Ohio, their team being heavily laden with their effects, the grandmother, Mrs. Woodruff walked on foot the entire distance.

[EAB – This was a remarkable feat of endurance for the pioneers opening up the United States Northwest Territory in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. They covered distances of 400 – 600 miles over unpaved roads and trails and several ranges of the Appalachian Mountains in animal driven carts and wagons.]



Charles Howard Campbell (6 Jan 1854 - 27 Nov 1904)

 I've been working on the children of Ephraim Sheppard (1801-1848), only child of Isaac Sheppard and Jane Harris. I found many articles regarding his son Isaac Applin Sheppard (1827-1898) as his great-grandson was a well published genealogist.

I just came across this article on concerning Isaac's nephew, my 4th cousin 4x removed, Charles Howard Campbell, son of Mary Jane Sheppard and Charles Campbell.


Taken Fatally All While Entertaining. Charles Campbell Was Talking with His Guests When Seized with Uraemic Convulsions
Date: 1904-11-29; Paper: Philadelphia Inquirer

While entertaining severan friends in his apartments at the Bartram apartments on Saturday evening, Charles Campbell, 50 years old, assistant superintendent of the John Hancock Life Insurance ompany, was seized with uraemic convulsions and died within a few moments. Although one of the guests was a physician and another doctor was also immediately summoned, all efforts to reive him failed.

During the evening Mr. Campbell, with his wife, had entertained Dr. John L. Wanamaker, of 1511 Mt. Vernon Street, and a young woman friend of the physician. It was while talking to them that he became ill. Dr. T. M. Barr who was the physician summoned, said last night that Mr. Campbell had been suffering from kidney trouble for some time.


New Jersey Will Books - now downloadable!

 The folks at now have a bunch of volumes of the following book:

Calendar of New Jersey wills, administrations, etc (1901)


You can download each volume as a PDF. They have summaries of wills that are now searchable thanks to technology. Look for your family!




I'm in the paper again!


BEN column

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 By BEN


"My cousin, Esther Elizabeth Bacon, the namesake of the yearbook, was mentioned for her achievements in the column today.

"I just wanted to say that she was only 34 years young when she died.

"Usually, the mention of an educator with such commitment brings to mind a teacher retiring with a pension.

"She must have been very dedicated.

- Andrea Batcho


Like you are to Broad Street Cemetery, Andrea.


Marriage misfile

Harry Fisher, son of J. van Duyn Fisher and Sarah Elliott
married Minnie Ottolo Brokaw, daughter of John M Brokaw and Mary A. Cain
on January 8, 1896 in Plainville, Somerset, NJ


This was misfiled in the 1895-1896 microfilm of Salem County Marriages (I found it while looking up something for a client). I figured I would type it here because anyone looking for them would never look there. Maybe it'll show up on Google.




More on Almeda

I found out that the distant cousin Almeda (whose photos I rescued from ebay in a previous entry) married and divorced without children. Her brother had two girls who lived into their 90's, the last one dying this past September. Maybe that's why the photos ended up on ebay. I would hate to think so since it mentioned her second cousins in her obituary and they have children. Anyway, I got an email about the family tree through rootsweb from Almeda's first cousin's (from another uncle) granddaughter on behalf of her father.

Maybe Almeda sent her to me so her photos could go home where they belong :)




West Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia

I was working on a family tree for a cousin and I accidentaly stumbled across this link:

 West Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia's records are online!


It only shows the burial location and a few have dates. This is a big deal because it costs $10/lookup by mail. I checked and my 1/2 great uncle and his wife are buried there and I know where now! He was 30 years older than my grandmother, so we didn't know what happened to him. I was there last year when I lead a private research trip for a client, so now I get to go back and check the flowers that I planted for other cousins.





More ebay rescues!

I just rescued my 5th cousin 3x removed Almeda's photos of her, her mom, and her brother. Her mom wrote a note on the back of one of her pictures. Yay ebay! She was such a cute little kid!