The Princeton Preservation Group

I just found out about this neat organization.

The Princeton Preservation Group

The Princeton Preservation Group has been meeting several times
per year since 1983 to hear lectures on a wide range of topic relating
to the preservation of cultural artifacts, including but not limited to books,
manuscripts, artwork, furniture, photographs, tombstones, Lucy the Elephant,
costumes, videotapes, and buildings. Recent meetings have been
held in Manalapan, Princeton, New Brunswick, Morristown, and Lawrenceville.

Among others, topics have included:
Disaster Recovery: Mold and Water Damage
Preserving Ethnic Materials
Binding Rare Books
Historic Building Conservation
Digitizing Photograph Collections

Group members include conservators, librarians, archivists, curators,
historic preservation specialists, and interested others. Anyone may join.


Dues are only $5 a year!


200,000 people

I just broke 200,000 people in my gedcom! They are all relatives or relatives of relatives.

Congratulations to Thomas B. Hires, born 17 Sep 1824, son of John Hires and Phebe Burch. His first wife had two marriages and divorces and was a major timesuck, but I figured it out.


P.S. That means it took 1 year, 10 months, and 13 days to enter the last 100,000 people in my database.


Arlington National Cemetery

Click here to read about the disturbing handling of things at Arlington National Cemetery.


This is why I check on every single one of my relatives. Some are where they should be, some are unmarked in a giant pit outside Philadelphia where they were placed after Lafayette Cemetery and Union Burial Ground were exhumed to make way for "progress."

Arlington should hire me, I'll have it cataloged in no time.


Forensic Genealogy Photography

A friend of mine passed along this link:

Maybe your old photos were all taken during an equinox!



Laurel Hill Cemetery (Philadelphia, PA)

I just received my Laurel Hill Cemetery (Philadelphia, PA) newsletter in the mail today. Great news! The Friends of Laurel Hill Cemetery has contracted with to transcribe all of Laurel Hill's internments!

I cannot wait! I find more and more relatives buried there everyday thanks to


Gravediggers' Ball

I just got my invitation in the mail o the Gravediggers' Ball fundraiser held by Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia.
My dress is ready to go.


They do a lot of clever and successful fundraising for the cemetery.


Mark Loper & Son milk bottle

I came across a reference to this auction taking place on ebay at some point. It wasn't in the completed auctions.

It was for this:

Old Milk Bottle Deerfield NJ Ayrshire Mark Loper & son


I'm very interested in seeing this item as I had no idea my uncle had anything involving bottles, his brother-in-law was the glass factory owner. Then again, I'm not sure as to the date on it, so it could be his grandson.




Advice To A Married Couple (circa 1863)

I just won a book given to my 5th cousin 4x removed* on his wedding day on ebay. Capt. Ephraim Mulford (1836-1905) and Sarah "Sallie" Westcott (1838-1917).

It's a small hand-held book entitled The Christian Minister's Affectionate Advice to a Married Couple.

Chapter 1: Important nature of the Marriage Union- Danger of reminissness in Duties formerly paid-Treatment of Relations


Should be an interesting read.



*his younger brother Edwin married a closer cousin of mine


Memorial Day, 1869

West Jersey Pioneer (Bridgeton, Cumberland, NJ)
Friday, May 28, 1869

Decoration of Soldiers’ Graves

On Saturday of this week this beautiful and touching memorial service over the graves of our departed soldiers, is to be performed all over the Union. We are confident that the people of Bridgeton will not be behind other communities in their appreciation of this solemn festival, and that large numbers will testify their appreciation of the soldiers’ memory by floral contributions as well as personal attendance. We repeat the notice of last week that persons having flowers to donate can leave their names at the stores of Garrison & Bright, T. Fletcher Jacobs, G. W. R. DeYoung and Mr. Moore, while those who may prefer bringing them themselves, can leave them at the hall in Carll’s building, on the morning of that day. The ladies are invited to come to the hall, both on Friday evening and Saturday morning, to assist in the preparation of the flowers. We hope that the participation in this ceremony will be so general as to make it one ofthe most interesting occasions which our citizens have known.

We understand that the citizens of Shiloh and vicinity will decorate the graves in their burial ground, on Sunday afternoon next, at 4 o’clock. A public meeting will be held in the church of that place, at which time addresses will be made by Rev. W. B. Gillette, Prof. O. U. Whitford, Hon. C. H. Sheppard, and others. These exercises will no doubt be highly interesting.


George H. Ogden (1856-1930)

About 1910, George H. Ogden became superintendent of the Broad Street cemetery. In this work he took great pride, and under his administration, great improvemetns wer emade. mr. Ogden took great pride in the historic old Broad Street Presbyterian Church, and to many visitors showed one of the finest examples of Colonial architecture in South Jersey.


(from his obit April 1930)