Cemetery sexual assault in Cape May Court House

Sketch of Graveyard Sex Assault Suspect

Police also update the description of the alleged assailant



A woman who was visiting a cemetery plot in Cape May Court House, N.J., Sunday evening was allegedly sexually assaulted by a man lying in wait behind her car, police say.

She struggled with the man and was able to break free, running to a house on Orbit Drive asking for the residents to call police. A resident of Orbit Drive called cops at about 8:54 p.m. Sunday, saying that a bleeding woman came to his home asking for help.



Civil war veteran finally gets tombstone

Escaped slave, Civil War soldier receives proper grave marker in Woodstown cemetery thanks to efforts of his great-granddaughter

By Tracy R. Wiggins

WOODSTOWN — As America marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War, one local veteran of this war recently received his own marker.

Through the efforts of his descendants and particularly his great-granddaughter Susan Richardson-Sanabria, Edward Richardson, a former slave, Union soldier and longtime resident of Woodstown, at last has a proper headstone to mark his final resting place.

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Call for Bridgeton stories for the 325th Anniversary edition of The News

I plan on being here for the 350th Anniversary.




This is a message for all of you who are part of Bridgeton history.
If you have any old photos or memories or stories your dad and granddad passed down to you, or you found in the attic, and you think people would enjoy reading about them, please contact us.
This is the 325th anniversary of the founding of Bridgeton, and we want to do it up right with a keepsake edition that captures everything about the city and surrounding area.
That includes you, Shep.
It includes sports, rum-runners, the library, the courthouse, the Italian-American Civic Club, the Fifth Ward Club, Ferracute Co., Nail Company, Woodruff Indian Artifact collection, fire house, police department, oldest businesses, Gas Light Co., Elks Lodge, Cohansey River, Chief Cohanzick, country club, Owens-Illinois, schools.
Anything you want to personalize for everyone to read.
We had the meeting Wednesday with the powers that be.
They love the idea.
We have Bob Crowe’s thousand photos.
We’re trying to make the history of Bridgeton come alive through your ancestors.
Email us at jhummel@sjnewsco.com.
Jot down the memories that should be shared.
Write us at The News, 100 E. Commerce St., Bridgeton, NJ 08302.
We could do 325 pages with enough help and enough support.
And all of your names can be on those pages.
We’re not going to write it.
You’re going to write it.
Please make it happen because we won’t be here for the 350th.


Own a piece of history

Someone is selling a souvenir of the 1896 Atlantic City rail crash ebay. I can't believe that some made these in 1896 after the horrible tragedy. I lost family in that crash!


This lot consists of a souvenir of the fatal 1896 Atlantic City rail crash. It is a straightedge made from part of one of the wrecked engines. Hand painted on one side is “From Engine 1019 Wrecked at Atlantic City Meadow – July 30. 1896. The reverse side has the number “1019” embossed and painted dark gold. There are no numbers or measuring markings on this straightedge.

Made of walnut, measures approx. 1 ¾” wide x 24” long x 3/16” thick at the widest point, beveled long edges; ends are chip-carved. In good clean complete condition with some aging, handling, wear. Painted words are clear and readable with some aging and wear.




William Garrison Nixon III has left us

William G. Nixon III, 88, of Greenwich passed away peacefully on Tuesday evening, March 1, 2011, at The Cumberland Manor in Hopewell Township.


He was a former Bridgeton historian, an avid supporter of the Cumberland County Historical Society and was very active in the Warren E. Lummis Genealogical and Research Library in Greenwich. In addition, he was a vital member of the Bridgeton Antiquarian League. He served on their board of directors for nearly ten years, as a president for several terms. It was often said that with his voluminous knowledge of Bridgeton history, he certainly could have written a book. He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church.




1849 - Salem and Gloucester Counties Map

You can look at an 1849 Salem and Gloucester Counties Map here:



You must download the djvu plugin in order to be able to read the names!


Fortescue cats

Joan Bullock, of Save The Animals Foundation, says the fishermen who line the Fortescue beach in season have grown fond of the cat colony there, and many give the cats their leftover bait.
Some also have donated to the cost of neutering, spaying and feeding this colony, which has been borne by several animal welfare groups, mainly Save the Animals Foundation and Animal Friends, at no cost to the township. For those who want to help, $35 covers the cost of spaying or neutering one cat. Smaller amounts will help with the cost of feeding or repairing feeding stations and shelters, which have been vandalized by a local resident. Donations can be sent to Save the Animals, P.O. Box 5689, Deptford NJ 08096, with “Fortescue cats” on the memo line. Or, Animal Friends, 1370 S. Main Road, No. 138, Vineland NJ 08360, also with the memo “Fortescue cats.”

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Salem County, NJ goodies at the Winterthur

 Swatch Book Collection

Harris, Kate S. (Catherine Smith), 1857-1940.  Harris, Sarah Bradway (Sallie), 1832-1909.  Johnson, Sarah Marion Harris, 1859-1929.  Fabric scrapbooks, ca. 1880-1890.



Margaret Janvier Hort Collection












Cumberland County, NJ, goodies at the Winterthur


Petition for Tavern Licenses 1799-1830
[The NJ State Archives at Trenton has a lot of these, I was surprised to find this listing here]




Folder 6: IB (.238-.246) (some sheets include a scene with a lion inside a fence, Britannica keeping watch, and the motto Pro Patria)
.239     Letter from Patrick Orr, Bridgeton, to Thos. Macdonald, Sept. 20, 1798. Concerns William Orr and the ownership of a ship with others.




Vineland Historical and Antiquarian Society is CLOSED!!!


The one historical society that my cousin Charles Ewing Sheppard, Esq, trusted with his original manuscript.



The genealogy fair is still on for this Saturday (Oct 2).

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