Bridgeton Civil War Statue Restoration Starts

However, the article doesn't mention the cost of the "offer of help" from John Carr from Materials Conservation Collaborative.



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Drainage solution sought for historic Old Broad Street Church in Bridgeton

Drainage solution sought for historic Old Broad Street Church in Bridgeton

BRIDGETON — The Old Broad Street Church is in need of a solution to the drainage problems that have left the 18th-century building collecting moisture that supports termites in the crawl space beneath the church.


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The Daily Princetonian (1876-present) is searchable online!

The Daily Princetonian, Princeton University's student newspaper, has been digitized (1876- onward). You can search for your relatives that attend Princeton.

Frequently, the student will be referred to by first and middle initial and then last name. For example: "J. E. Smith."


Preservation Week 2012: ALCTS Free Webinars

ALA's Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) is offering free webinars this week in honor of Preservation Week. One is on family textiles and the other is on personal digital photos.


Princeton University Library Digital Camera Policy

Here is a link to the Digital Camera Policy from the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections at Princeton University Library in Princeton, NJ. It has been in use since 2008. It's fair, clear, and readily available. No surprises when you get there.


Charles A. Brandt and S. Elizabeth Wilbur photo Feb 14, 1907

I recently rescued a photo of Charles A. Brandt and his wife S. Elizabeth Wilbur Brandt from ebay. It was given to his son Thomas. If anyone is related to them or knows of a living descendant who wants the photo (at cost which was under $5), please let me know.

1. Charles A. BRANDT (b.20 Oct 1850-NJ d.17 Nov 1928-Riverside Cemetery,Toms River,Ocean,NJ)
sp: Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" WILBUR (b.14 Jan 1852-NJ m.Abt 1870 d.19 Mar 1914-Riverside Cemetery,Toms River,Ocean,NJ)
  |-2. Thomas Alvin "Allie" BRANDT (b.31 Mar 1873-NJ d.Aft 1930)
  | sp: Lillian M. "Lillie" MASON (b.May 1873-PA m.8 Dec 1896 d.Aft 1930)
  |  |-3. Gladys Mabel BRANDT (b.12 Dec 1899-NJ d.Aft 1930)
  |  | sp: Leslie Wilson ORR (b.1 May 1900-PA d.Aft 1930)
  |  |  |-4. Elizabeth B. ORR (b.1919-NJ)
  |  |  +-4. Alden Brandt ORR (b.9 Mar 1921-NJ d.31 Mar 1951-Los Angeles Co,CA)
  |  +-3. Alda Lillian BRANDT (b.1906-NJ d.Aft 1930)
  |-2. Harry Atwood BRANDT (b.21 Jul 1874-Ocean Co,NJ d.1925-Riverside Cemetery,Toms River,Ocean,NJ)
  | sp: Florence ELLIS (b.1880-NJ d.1968-Riverside Cemetery,Toms River,Ocean,NJ)
  |  +-3. Foster Atwood BRANDT (b.8 Nov 1918-Ocean Co,NJ d.28 Jun 2003-Forked River,Ocean,New Jersey (Riverside Cem))
  |    sp: Edna RIDGEWAY (b.22 Dec 1911 d.17 Feb 2005-Forked River,Ocean,New Jersey (Riverside Cem))
  |     |-4. Sally BRANDT
  |     +-4. Susan F. BRANDT
  |-2. Augusta BRANDT (b.24 Nov 1875-Ocean Co,NJ)
  +-2. Mellie BRANDT (b.Aug 1880-NJ d.Aft 1900)


Digital Cameras in the National Archives in DC

Dr. Peter Schulman is seen using a digital camera to copy records at the National Archives in DC.  I'm very proud of the National Archives facilitating record study with their camera policy.


Cumberland County Airplane in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Q: Does the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum have any airplanes from Cumberland County, NJ, in its collection?

A: Yes. They have the a Herring-Burgess Biplane that was sold to Joseph Clark Shoemaker of Bridgeton and Fairton. He modified the plane with Fred S. Chanonhouse. It was flown until it crashed on September 2, 1911. It was donated by Shoemaker's daughters after his decease. The Smithsonian's catalog shows it with inventory number A19610130000.


Q. How would I find that? The Collections Database of the National Air and Space Museum just lists the United States as the Country of Origin.

A. One would need to go to the Directory of Airplanes on the Smithsonian Thesauri website. Then one would type in New Jersey into the Geographic Location. Of the 42 results, only Bridgeton and Vineland are in Cumberland County.

Shoemaker (Shoemaker-Chanonhouse) Biplane from Bridgeton

Winslow (James E.) Center Wing from Vineland

Next, you would have to type those names into the National Air and Space Museum's Collections Database. Only Shoemaker's shows up.



Weber's Candy Store is closing!!!

Weber's Candy store to close for good after 123 years in downtown Bridgeton
Lauren T. Taniguchi/The News of Cumberland County
Posted:  09/23/2011 11:33 PM

"She promised to let readers of The News know as soon as the Weber family is able to set a date for the shop’s bittersweet goodbye."


William Frederick "Fred" Weber III and Harriet (Parkell) Weber own the store. Fred is from the Erety, Shoemaker, Harris, Perry, and Crandall families.



“I think my Civil War girlfriend can beat up your daguerreotype boyfriend”


Explorations in “Historical Hotness” by Suzanne Fischer

"Mustaches are really hot right now.

Not modern mustaches—though handlebars seem to be making an ironic comeback—but the facial hair of the past.  Seeing through the facial hair to the faces, viewers move, perhaps, toward a more empathetic view of people of the past."


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