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Cumberland County Airplane in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Q: Does the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum have any airplanes from Cumberland County, NJ, in its collection?

A: Yes. They have the a Herring-Burgess Biplane that was sold to Joseph Clark Shoemaker of Bridgeton and Fairton. He modified the plane with Fred S. Chanonhouse. It was flown until it crashed on September 2, 1911. It was donated by Shoemaker's daughters after his decease. The Smithsonian's catalog shows it with inventory number A19610130000.


Q. How would I find that? The Collections Database of the National Air and Space Museum just lists the United States as the Country of Origin.

A. One would need to go to the Directory of Airplanes on the Smithsonian Thesauri website. Then one would type in New Jersey into the Geographic Location. Of the 42 results, only Bridgeton and Vineland are in Cumberland County.

Shoemaker (Shoemaker-Chanonhouse) Biplane from Bridgeton

Winslow (James E.) Center Wing from Vineland

Next, you would have to type those names into the National Air and Space Museum's Collections Database. Only Shoemaker's shows up.


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