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I finally found the thing I was looking for as a present for my 5th cousin in England. My great grandmother was born in England, as were all of her ancestors that I know of. I'm very excited, but it cost me 11 stamps! (4.60) to send something that was 5 oz! Insanity. It's a good thing I had 10 small 42c stamps left to fit on the envelope.

Don't forget to keep in touch with the family you find via your genealogy searches.


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Actually, its called the Honourable East India Company, Honourable company or John Company. Also, England and Ireland NEVER UNIFIED. It was a union of England and Scotland and Wales in 1707 (after which they all ceased to be countries) that created Great Britain as one country, and Great Britain and Ireland unified in 1801. However, you were right about the Union Jack. The Americans never seem to get that right, always referring to the whole of the United Kingdom as "England" which is highly offensive to Brits hailing from Scotland or Wales. You do get the whole British thing right though, as for some reason the Germans, French, Spanish and Italians call us English, which is very irritating. You were also right about the EITC and flag though. Well done.

February 17, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSome British Guy
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