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man, geni's annoying

I finished Volume D of the Cumberland County Orphans Court minutes! I believe that puts me finished through 1862.

I held 2 chats at www.southjerseydeadpeople.info

I'm finishing up my presentation on a certain aspect of the probate process for a genealogy event that's coming up soon (email me for details if you are interested)

I've been using geni with my friend Steve. There's no way I could enter my tree on geni because their limit's too small for my 105k people. However, I've been helping him out and adding some people to my tree. I find geni annoying because it's so slow and inefficient for my brain's data processing. When you have 105k people, you type fast. I gave up on Hannah Stretch and just sent him a PDF with her 3 husbands and children for him to enter. I could not find the 'add a husband' button.

Steve and I have also been playing the "we have to be related somehow" game. So far we might be the only two people not related with Salem/Cumberland county ancestors. I just need to find out one of my 4th great gmom's parents to see if Blackwood was her maiden name.. and then we might be related. Just to let you know, Cumberland County Clerk of 1869, "wife of Thomas Bennett" is not an acceptable entry for parents' names!



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Reader Comments (2)

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for the mention, we're glad you've spent some time on Geni. Regarding the limit, I assume that you are referring to the GEDCOM import limit. I wanted to make sure that you were aware that we do not have any limit on the number of profiles you can have on your tree (in fact our largest group of connected users just passed the 2 Million mark!). If you would like to give Geni a try, we can work with you on your 105k GEDCOM.

Geni Team

October 29, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterNoah

Hi Noah, yes I was referring to the import. I got the mail last week and my friend and I chucked. I have no desire to put it on geni because no one else in my family is interested in spending time on the family tree besides me. There are also a lot of people who do not want their information on the internet regardless of password protection, so I'm going to stick with my friend's family tree.


October 29, 2008 | Registered CommenterAndrea Batcho
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