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Battery Backup

I got a frantic call yesterday from a cousin of mine. In a nutshell, her power had gone out and it fried her motherboard on her desktop computer. Last week I showed her an ad for a battery backup powerstrip and she didn't get it. She's sorry now!

You should have a battery backup for your computer. It is a power strip that has a heavy battery in it. When the power goes off, it switches so the juice in the battery powers whatever is plugged in. It also beeps every minute in case you don't know the power has gone off (when it's really sunny during the day and you're on your computer doing genealogy). It's annoying and you an turn it off via the software that comes with it. Since the power doesn't go off too often here, I just put up with it and keep on doing my genealogy.

I plug pretty much everything into it. When the power goes off, I'm still online as my cable modem's plugged in. I've had my APC power strip since 2005 and have not had a problem.

You can also use software that comes with it to automatically shut down your computer safely if you are not home and this happens.

I believe this is on sale in store (Office Depot) for $30 this week: http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/277408/APC-Back-UPS-ES-350-Battery/

What are you waiting for?


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